Friday’s answers

Teletext gets my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions and can claim a bag of toasted hazelnuts for stumping us all by leaving the answers below.


The only answers I was confident about were 1 – Elton John and the bonus – Dick Quax.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    Who are the following better known as?? #1 is a teaser!

    1. Reg Dwight

    Sir Elton Hercules John

    2. Caryn Elaine Johnson

    Whoopi Goldberg

    3. Steven Frayne

    Dynamo (street & tv magician)

    4. Eleanora Fagan

    Billie Holliday

    5. Brian Robson Rankin

    Hank B Marvin (the Shadows)

    6. Frances Ethel Gumm

    Judy Garland

    7. Adolph Marx

    Harpo Marx

    8. Julius Henry Marx

    Groucho Marx

    9. Leonard marx

    Chico Marx (you have to be like me, a real old fart, to remember these last 3 but they were great)

    Bonus Question

    10 Which NZ leading athlete/politician had the given names
    Theodorus Jacobus Leonardus

    Dick Quax who sadly left us earlier this week

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