Friday’s answers

Teletext gets my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions and can claim a virtual meal of lamb for stumping us all by leaving the answers below.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    I thought I would miss out on the lamb meal but Will was only able to answer 4 questions correctly so I accept it with great thanks. I couldn’t bet the butterfly leg as my subject matter didn’t offer lambs or other animals for slaughter to their gods, only fellow humans.

    1. Which ancient civilisation had its capital city Tenochtitlan on an island in a large but shallow lake?


    2. Which modern day city lies on this area, including the drained lake?

    Mexico City

    3. Part of the area that this civilisation inhabited was called Uluumil Kutz. What is this area known as today?

    Yucatan Peninsula

    4. Who was the leader of the force that over came this civilisation and where did this force come from?

    Hernan Cortes who incidentally was a second cousin of Francisco Pizzaro who later conquered the Incas of modern day Peru

    5. What unusual thing did this leader do to “inspire” his force to succeed in their battles?

    Upon landing in Mexico, he burned his ships so that no one could leave and his troops had to fight and stay in the country.

    6. Who was the leader of the ancient civilisation at the time of this invasion?

    Moctezuma II or Montezuma II

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