World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Each year on May 8th, women living with ovarian cancer, their families and supporters, along with patient advocacy organizations from around the world, come together to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) is the one day of the year we all raise our voices in solidarity across the world in the fight against this disease. . .

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all female cancers. Most women are diagnosed once the cancer has already spread, making it more difficult to treat. There are often delays in diagnosing ovarian cancer. That is because there is no early detection test, and symptoms are often confused with symptoms of other less severe illnesses, particularly gastrointestinal complaints.

Five-year ovarian cancer survival rates vary around the world, ranging from 30% to 45%. By comparison, five-year survival rates for women with breast cancer range from 80% to 90%.

Ovarian cancer is overlooked and underfunded – yet every woman in the world is at risk of developing this disease.

You can find more about WOCD on Facebook and Twitter

And more about the disease at Ovarian Cancer New Zealand which lists the symptoms:

The most common symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

Bloating/abdominal (tummy) swelling

Eating less and feeling fuller

Pain in your abdomen/pelvis/back

Needing to pee more often (or leaking)

Other symptoms you might also experience include:

 Bowel changes  Indigestion  Painful Intercourse  Fatigue  Unusual Weight Loss  Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Remember, symptoms can be vague and easy to ignore so listen to what your body is telling you and then discuss this with your doctor

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Ovarian cancer kills one woman in New Zealand every 48 hours.

Early detection improves outcomes.

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