PSA on road code

A public service advisory on the road code:

Is it that people don’t know, or do know and don’t observe the rule to turn into the lane closest to them?

It would help to encourage those turning left to turn into the left lane if there weren’t bulbous curbs which require cars to swing wide to get round them.

2 Responses to PSA on road code

  1. Andrei says:

    I know that rule and obey it – where practical of course but there are two intersections I regularly negotiate where it is impossible not to intrude into the other lane on a left turn even in my mini.

    For an articulated truck it is often totally impossible on a large number of city intersections to comply

    The trouble is the rules are written without referrence to the real world

    The worst are the rules on indicationg at roundabouts which I guess 75% of drivers do not understand and are totally impractical on small diameter roundabouts to fully comply with – These rules are 100% sensible on the Basin reserve roundabout and totally nonsensical on a tiny roundabout plonked in the center of a crossroads, which are useful in maintaining traffic flow regardless of the direction from which you approach them

    I’m of a mind to video some of these issues – perhaps when I make my video I will send it to you and you can post it



  2. homepaddock says:

    I agree about road design, it sometimes is impossible to keep to the left lane, even in a small car. Professor Google led me to

    Indicate left as you approach if you’re using the first exit, don’t indicate as you approach if you’re going straight ahead then indicate as you approach the exit; indicate right as you approach if going more than half way round then signal left after passing the exit before the one you’re going to take.

    But you’re right, on small roundabouts that’s not always practical.

    By all means share a video if you make one.


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