Positive policing

A speed camera was put on a pole on state highway 1 on what locals call Holmes Hill in Oamaru.

Several people have had letters from the police telling them that their vehicles were snapped exceeding the speed limit but no action would be taken.

The letter went on to explain why the camera was positioned there and remind the recipients of the dangers of speeding.

That’s positive policing.


2 Responses to Positive policing

  1. Andrei says:

    Is “Holmes Hill” on a steep section of highway?

    Is “Holmes Hill” a notorious accident spot?

    The police may well be warning locals of their new speed trap but will doubtless rake in the dollars from their new cash cow by pinging the unsuspecting just passing through

  2. homepaddock says:

    The hill isn’t particularly steep – I biked up it every school day as a child on a bike with no gears.

    The camera points down the last of the slope and along the flat. It’s a busy stretch with a supermarket and service station on one side and park on the other but I don’t think it’s a notorious accident spot.

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