MoP sets new rules for equality

The Ministry of People (MoP) has issued new rules for equality.

People Minister Julie Strictly-Gentle said she had been concerned for sometime that the movement for equality had all been one-sided.

”Everyone has been focused on getting young people of the female and/or ethnic kind into top executive and governance roles. No-one has even considered the importance of ensuring there are plenty of old white men in non-traditional roles,” she said.

“It distresses me that almost everyone accepts an old white man at a sitting at a board table. We won’t have true equality until it’s just as acceptable to have him on his hands and knees scraping play dough off the floor.”

“Previous Ministers have focused on only half the job, trying to help young women of many cultures into the board room with their hands on the levers of power. I see it just as important to help old white men into eco-friendly rubber gloves with their hands in the nappy bucket.

Consultation on the new rules will finish at midday today.

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