Quote of the day

There are three types of words: words we all know, words we should know, and words nobody knows. Don’t use the third category.John Grisham who celebrates his 63rd birthday today.

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    While I have enjoyed Mr Grisham’s writing bigly, I must take issue with him today, notwithstanding it being his Birthday, although it will actually be tomorra if he is in the US.

    Your eclectic daily “word of the day ” Hp, is a constant source of enlightenment in discovering our incredibly rich language. The mix of ancient, more mature and sometimes very recent creations make that poin admirably.

    I still recall the day, during my seven year flirtation with the world of real estate, sitting in the office of Gerald Blathwayt in Masterton trying to word a ‘contract’ when he introduced me to “contemporaneously” as the word that covered all my pathetic eforts to ensure that the obligations on both Vendor and purchaser all happened in harmony and in sync.

    Sometimes Mr Grisham, it is a little used or even long forgotten word that suddenly becomes entirely suitable.

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