Subsidies there and here

The Trans Pacific Partnership is back on track with the 11 countries participating in the agreement working towards signing it on March 8.

Agriculture has been a sticking point for some countries.

The graph below shows why this would be a much bigger issue for countries other than New Zealand.



Agricultural support is defined as the annual monetary value of gross transfers to agriculture from consumers and taxpayers arising from government policies that support agriculture, regardless of their objectives and economic impacts.

Hat tip: Utopia

One Response to Subsidies there and here

  1. Owen says:

    While rules are important in any Trade Agreement there is a growing tendency for politicians and bureaucrats to write too many rules that add transactional costs and for new types of barriers to be introduced.

    There are clear gains for NZ in the TPP but we need to be aware of the Trump “America for America” rhetoric which encourages the Canadians and Japanese to hang on to their protection.

    Our efforts must persist with both multi-lateral and bi-lateral agreements. I do not see any clear, capable and determined leadership in the coalition on these issues.


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