365 days of gratitude

We were in Wanaka when our dog-sitting duties began.

Before they left, her people and I had dog-proofed the section so when my farmer and I went out for dinner we didn’t tie up the dog.

I’d taken the precaution of putting my phone number on a label on her collar and at 9:30 got a call to say she was at a pub in the middle of town.

I went straight to pick her up and found her very pleased with herself and her new friends.

I strengthened the dog-proofing but twice more she got out and went exploring. The first time someone rang me, the second she returned of her own accord.

After that I wouldn’t let her roam outside unless someone was with her.

It’s been several years since we’ve had a playing dog and I enjoyed the experience. She required at least two good walks a day which was good for both of us and her sheer delight in bounding free, smelling new scents and, when at home on the farm, chasing rabbits was contagious.

Her people have returned home and we delivered her back this afternoon.

Two weeks of dog sitting has been fun and now she’s back home happy well and I’m grateful for that.

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