Jim Anderton 21.1.38 – 7.1.18

A junior reporter wouldn’t normally interview a senior political figure.

But when Jim Anderton came into the newsroom in the run-up to the 1981 election I was the only one there.

He was president of the Labour Party. I don’t remember what he said but I do remember that he was immaculately dressed and a relaxed interviewee.

I disagreed with many of his policies – so strongly was I opposed to Kiwibank, I didn’t go into a Post Office for at least two years after it was established.

But I admired his standing up and working for what he believed in.

And as another member of that club no-one chooses to join – bereaved parents – I had great sympathy for him after the death of his daughter. It is difficult enough dealing with bereavement privately, it must be so much harder when you’re a public figure.

One Response to Jim Anderton 21.1.38 – 7.1.18

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Met him a couple of times. He was courteous and pleasant both times. Detested his politics, but he seemed sincere, unlike many other people.

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