What career were you meant for?

What career were you meant for?


You have an unmatched skill for creating vast worlds both through facts and pure imagination. Your mind is full of creativity, artistry, and expression. You heart gracefully guides your hands as you work to bring what is truly your spirit to life. You were truly meant to guide the world with your words.

I can dream though I don’t think it means this blog.

2 Responses to What career were you meant for?

  1. Bulaman says:

    Scientist, so close enough, (M.Sc.)


  2. Paranormal says:

    Ha – There’s some left thinking individuals who won’t understand or agree with my result:


    You are a caring and selfless individual. Your compassion, warmth, and sensitivity can heal others in the most authentic way possible. You help and inspire others, and can really touch people’s lives. You truly understand others and can make them happy by just being yourself.


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