Word of the day

Pirl – coil, curl; twist, twine, wind; spin, roll, cause to rotate, revolve; to eddy, ripple, swirl, wimple, whirl; to agitate, mix, stir; to fumble with the hands or feet, grope. fiddle, poke about; to move or work in an idle half-hearted way; to poke a fire; to fumble;  to manoeuvre (a small object) by a series of light dabs or pokes with the finger, a stick, etc.; to bring a bird on the wing whirling to the ground; to drive the ball with quick light strokes or kicks, to dribble; to set sheaves at right angles to their neighbours in a stook to assist in the drying process;  to work potatoes out of the ground by fumbling, without disturbing the haulms above; to select the largest of the young potatoes by feeling them with the fingers without pulling up the shaw;  a ripple in water or air; an intricacy, difficulty, “knotty point”; a “twirly bit” or arpeggio in a piece of music.

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