Thursday’s quiz

Since it’s St Andrew’s Day I thought I’d pose the questions.

Anyone who gets all the answers right will win a virtual haggis.

You’re welcome to pose questions too, related to St Anerew’s Day or not. Anyone who does and stumps everyone will win a virtual batch of shortbread.

1. Name three countries of which is Andrew the Saint.

2. Andrew is the saint of which two occupations?

3. The diagonal cross of St Andrew and Scotland is called what?

4. Why is it associated with St Andrew?

5. What’s your favourite Scottish song?


2 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    Fantastic the quiz setter has returned – welcome back

    (1) Russia, Ukraine, Romania

    (2) Fishermen and Fishmongers

    (3) Saltire

    (4) It represents the cross upon which he was crucified

    (5) I do like “The Gael” though it is not a song per se


    Q: In Orthodoxy St Andrew is referred to as “Holy Apostle Andrew, the first called” In Greek: Πρωτόκλητος, (Prōtoklētos)

    Why this title?

  2. Teletext says:


    He was the first disciple or apostle to follow Jesus and he also brought his brother Peter and he had been John the Baptist’s closest disciple. He also founded the Church of Christ in what was a small village that became Constantinople and now Istanbul.

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