Did you get alert?

Civil Defence sent an emergency alert to mobile phones last night.

My farmer got it but I didn’t.

A few minutes later I read a tweet from a woman saying her husband had got the message and she hadn’t too.

I was just about to reply to the tweet saying the same had happened to us when I got the alert.

I hope that in a real emergency those few minutes wouldn’t matter.

A bigger problem was that I swiped my phone when I got the message, it disappeared before I’d read it properly and there’s no record of it.

An even bigger problem was that a lot of people didn’t get it at all.

In a real emergency there will be other methods of communication but mobile phones could be the best way to alert many people.


4 Responses to Did you get alert?

  1. IainH says:

    I see that there is an option for feedback on the linked page – hopefully they will fix it. Here in Vanuatu the phone companies do an excellent job of sending SMS updates in disasters – for example 3 hourly updates on cyclone tracking. Surprised NZ hasn’t got it together yet.


  2. Owen says:

    Only newer models got the message. About one third of phones could receive the message. They plan to increase the coverage.


  3. IainH says:

    As a least developed country old phones are the norm here and all models receive the SMS. Perhaps MCDEM and the NZ telcos should review their new channel and learn from a little Pacific LDC how to make it work?


  4. Andrei says:

    I got the message and still have it in my messages app

    I was of the understanding that only some carriers were involved in this test and they are going to test the system on a carrier by carrier basis.

    I think it will work on all smart phones – it will be the old style phones with buttons that it wont work on is my guess – probably needs android or IOS at perhaps some minimum level


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