Let’s not get ADS

Whatever you think of her politics, Prime Minister designate Jacinda Ardern is an intelligent and articulate woman who appears to genuinely want to make New Zealand a better place.

You might disagree with at least some of what she wants to do and how she wants to do it – and I do – but that is no excuse for abusing her personally and buying into ADS – Ardern Derangement Syndrome.

The left was badly afflicted by Key Derangement Syndrome. This was because they couldn’t understand John Key’s popularity and wouldn’t let the facts on what he and his government achieved get in the way of their antipathy.

It’s too late for the anonymous scribe who asked did Jacinda Ardern curse the All Blacks?

But anyone else tempted towards ADS, needs to take a deep breath, swallow their bile and engage their brains.

Personal abuse of politicians is the lazy refuge of those who have neither the wit nor words for substantive debate on actions and policies.

There is already so much scope for criticism of plans and policies, there is absolutely no need for critics to lower themselves by getting personal.

5 Responses to Let’s not get ADS

  1. Gravedodger says:

    The woman has a propensity for being rather cavalier in her attitude to truth which allied to the media ignoring her rather extreme socialist past as displayed on interwebby evidence of protest participation, her recorded harangue to fellow socialist youth where in seven minutes and eighteen seconds of diatribe she managed fifteen utterances of “comrade” and her recorded remarks of anti US President blurting all seem to have me rather ambivilent about giving Ms Ardern the same respect I afforded to John Key.
    That said her office of PM designate does have the right to respect but only from such respect due to the office not the potential seat warmer.

    Three years ago a very serious attack on our democracy came from a convicted Finnish born internet manipulator convicted and fighting deportation that was overshadowed by a storm of intrigue resulting from a rather dodgy book from one Hager, based on an equally dodgy premise that NZ was subject to “Dirty Politics”.
    All designed to influence our fragile democracy and never condemned as such by the NZLP.

    This latest election has resulted in a manipulation of our still emerging MMP environment where the next Prime Minister was annointed by the ageing leader of a rather patchy performing party of unknowns who created a sham of observing democracy using caucus and a never disclosed openly “Board” when history tells me the decision was always going to be made by that flawed leader in secret deliberations that will never be revealed publically as to what really went on in the three weeks of “meetings”.

    For a newly annointed PM who has talked of transparency and regard for all NZ peoples that is a very dry dead rat to be swallowed.

    KDS always was fuelled by rumour and ideological distaste bordering on personal hatred so I concur that your point of not joining in similar behaviours towards the PM designate as ADS to be valid but My utter disgust at how one mans sense of Utu and revenge driven last grasp at relevance so shoddily accepted By Ms Ardern and Her melon playthings will be used ruthlessly.
    In modern disrespect for due process and parlance, “She is not my Prime Minister.
    I guess when I drift into disrespect for her it will have roots in the very grubby way she ascended to replace the outgoing Prime Minister and the way Voters for The GP and NZF and indeed the wider electorate were hood winked and or falsly led to give the enabling support for what I view as the unfairest and most manipulated election of the ninteen prime ministers in my lifetime. Some of those involved some very shoddy and never devulged happenings as well but were confined to inhouse dark deeds not
    with the total disdain for voters that we have witnessed since September Twenty Third.

    My take on such events will undoubtedly lead to intemperance and hyperbole that wil get close to ADS so for that I will apologise in advance and seek forgiveness for.

  2. Bulaman says:

    The Prime Minister (designate) will I suspect be found to be very like the purchase of a new vehicle from a new, lesser known manufacturer. It looks nice and shiny on the show room floor but in a very short time the rust sets in, the panels fall off and motor fails.

  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Very well presented

  4. adamsmith1922 says:


  5. pdm` says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that the debate around the new government should not descend into ADS – Ardern Derangement Syndrome.

    With regard to the All Black loss though there is one very relevant factor – as I recall the last time the All Blacks showed a high level of inconsistency on the paddock was when Helen Clark was leading the Government. If there are more losses and erratic performances in the next three years it will endorse this theory.

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