Winston Peters has opted for a Labour-NZ First coalition.

I hope the anti-trade, anti-business rhetoric that characterised their campaigns is put aside and they govern for the good of the country.

I am very sorry Bill English won’t have the opportunity to carry on his good work – yet.

National with 56 MPs, and most of them holding electorates, will be a formidable opposition.

16 Responses to Bugger

  1. pdm` says:

    Let the games begin.


  2. Angry Tory says:

    Winston said capitalism – that is freedom – ended today in NZ.


  3. Bev says:

    Winston spoke a load of rubbish. Sounded like it came down to the baubles of office, and Labour offered more. Good on the Nats for keeping their integrity. Saddest part is that the majority will of the people has been sidelined also.


  4. Andrei says:

    Nothing like sour grapes

    National sold out to the urban liberals years ago and took a giant dump on ordinary hard working people with traditional values

    Now the fifth National Government is gone because it alienated a large number of its natural supporters – get over it

    National made the dirty Epsom deal with ACT, a party with zero support in the provinces and little support s anywhere else – dumb dumb dumb

    While Winston Peters is ensuring New Zealand First’s survival as a player on the political scene after he has gone – if you are a full on National groupie you are not going to like that but that’s the name of the game


  5. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – disappointment yes, sour grapes no. As I wrote a few days ago, the winner could be the loser and the loser the winner. No party stays in government forever and the longer one’s in power the more people look to alternatives for one reason or another. I hope the new government does what’s best for NZ.


  6. Andrei says:

    I loath MMP but given it is the system we have National should have cut a deal with Winston Peters months ago before the election.

    Instead of sneering at him national people should have been talking with him and if they had Bill English would have been Prime Minister weeks ago

    And if you go back over comments I left on this blog over the past few months you will see I warned you this is what would happen

    National has forgotten the people in the provinces – you would think from the campaigning that New Zealand consisted only of Auckland Wellington and Christchurch


  7. homepaddock says:

    No matter how hard Bill had tried to charm WInston there would have been no guarantee he’d opt for National and that strategy would have risked losing National at least as many votes as it gained.

    National hasn’t forgotten the provinces, it’s got most of the MPs there and a far better understanding of the issues.


  8. Will says:

    I think National are in this situation because they ran a nation like a business. As such, they did a pretty good job, but it’s just not enough.

    Commiserations, they must be feeling pretty low right now.


  9. Andrei says:

    National hasn’t forgotten the provinces…

    I have never even spoken to my local National MP – a few election cycles ago I attended a meet the candidates meeting in the local church hall and the local Nat MP did not even bother to show

    Its true Nation owns provincial New Zealand, except the West Coast and it takes it for granted

    We talked endlessly last election cycle about Auckland’s housing crisis and traffic woes and not at all about job losses where I live


  10. Richard says:

    Negotiations between leaders of parties is as much about establishing trust rather than policy initially. Indeed all negotiations depend on trust
    I suspect that revelations about WP’s super mistake leaked by someone in National – whoever it was – was a factor.
    WP was saying “yes kiss my a–” and BE would not do it. Sometimes you have to do that for political victory particularly with the likes of WP
    Still there is comfort whereby National can control the select committees


  11. invercargillgreen says:

    To his credit, Bill English has the respect of many parties in parliament, i appreciated his more upfront approach to Key’s sneering nastiness in the house.

    However it is time for a change of approach and many commentators I respect (like Rod Oram and Dame Anne Salmond) are welcoming more caring governance and greater responsiveness to the many social, health and environmental crises that need to be addressed.

    A strong opposition is important, but i hope it will be constructive opposition rather than deliberately undermining and destructive. The Green Party was prepared to work with the last Government on areas of common interest I hope National will be prepared to do the same.


  12. Bev says:

    What I find puzzling is that Winston campaigned strongly in the regions, and always indicated he would support the party with the highest vote count. So what happened? Much of his support came from the rural areas, yet he has backstabbed many of his core supporters, and gone with the farmer hating left. Never to be trusted, I can’t wait to see him kicked to touch at the next election, if not sooner. A dismal betrayal of the popular vote count, no matter how the MMP apologists spin it. I bet there’s a lot of anger out there right now, and a lot of confusion. Bill wins but loses anyway. Course we won’t hear anything in the MSM that the will of the people was frustrated..and not all NZ First supporters were Labour supporters at all.


  13. invercargillgreen says:

    What I find puzzling is that Winston has been attacking National with some energy for the last 9 years (and many of NZ Firsts policies align more closely with the Greens than any other party) and people are surprised he went with Labour?

    National is the only surviving party on the right since Act and the Conservatives managed only 0.7 between them (4.7 in 2014). The total vote supporting neoliberal policies was just short of 45%

    The parties of the left (Labour, Greens NZ First and TOP) managed to accumulate 52.8%

    Also remember National achieved a late surge through the use of post truth politics: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/election/2017/09/patrick-gower-national-playing-post-truth-politics.html

    The new government captured the most votes and we can now properly deal with the multiple crises before us.


  14. Bev says:

    What crises? The so called capitalism Winny was banging on about? What decade is he in? Actually National have more seats and voes than Labour and the Greens combined, English recieved a better result than Helen Clark back in 2005. So spin it how you wish, but the majority vote was for National, 200,000 more votes than Labour. Also,not all NZ First supporters wanted Labour, that’s an arrogant assumption. NZ First we be dead in the water next election, with seven percent support and being able to choose the govt. Dog tucker. Fantastic result for National, despite the theft of Winston!


  15. Bev says:

    apologies re typos.


  16. Andrei says:

    No point crying about it Bev – MMP creates coalition governments

    But whatever the system you are going to end up with results you don’t like

    In fact I voted for National back in 2008 because I loathed the Godless social engineering that Helen’s Clark’s Labour Government had given us – it was an anathema to me

    And yet John Key’s so called center right National Government just carried on with that same SATANIC agenda full steam ahead.

    So I just shrug my shoulders…

    National party supporters who are upset about loosing just need to look in the mirror to find the cause

    Me I’m over it – our political elites (regardless of Party) are leading this nation into the sewer and the New Zealand people area self absorbed, decadent wastrels absorbing pap like Married at First Sight as some sort of pinnacle of cultural excellence

    And there isn’t politician on the radar that is about to turn that around

    My guess is that Mandarin will be the majority language of this country in 100 years, though English may be the language of Parliament for a bit longer


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