Bigger plot no less private

A Southland tulip grower is plagued by people picking his flowers:

Horizon Flowers New Zealand Limited manager Roy Smak said a “flood of people” came to the fields at Mabel Bush and “helped themselves” to the flowers or dug up the bulbs.

He was not sure if they knew of the impact it would have on other flowers, which had died because of bulbs torn out or diseases spread.

“We just want the public to be aware that this is our bread and butter,” he said.

People often ran away when they were caught out, he said.

“You wouldn’t go onto a farmer’s paddock and shoot his cattle for meat.”

Unfortunately some people do go onto farmers’ paddocks and shoot stock – it’s called poaching.

People were welcome to come and take photos, even come onto the fields if they respected the field and staff, he said.

“I love our display and I’m proud of it.”

But people who were parking their cars on the grass on the private property, leaving gates open and stealing flowers were ruining it for the rest.

“It seems to be a step beyond fair,” Smak said. . .

Most people wouldn’t contemplate entering a private garden to pick flowers but to some a bigger plot seems less private.

It’s not.

Private property is private property regardless of whether it’s a few hundred square metres or many thousands of hectares and taking something from private property is theft.


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