Ask not what the government can do for you

In Paraguay last month we visited a remote estancia.

The owners had built a school for the children of their staff and others in the area.

A couple of days later we visited another isolated farm and processing business. The owner is building a secondary school to provide a local option for children when they progress from the primary school her father built nearly 30 years ago.

These people saw a need they knew the government couldn’t meet. Instead of bemoaning that, they acted.

Such philanthropy might be anathema to those who oppose private education but from what we saw it works for the children and their parents.

It made me think about how readily people here look to the government to solve problems and fund the solutions.

That can be a good option but it isn’t always the best one and shouldn’t always be the first one.

Sometimes, instead of asking what the government can do for us, we should be asking what we can do for ourselves, and others.

The answer might surprise us and New Zealand could be a better place for it.


One Response to Ask not what the government can do for you

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    But, but employers only seek to oppress the poor after all that’s what the teacher unions tell us.
    Yet many employers not just large corporates do good


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