Blue-green more sustainable than red

Waikato social work student Nathan Williams analysed voting at university campuses and found a majority voted National at only two.

The biggest percentage vote for National was at Lincoln which given it specialises in agriculture isn’t surprising.

The Green Party did worst at Lincoln, though still better there than it did overall.

Williams also used the data from the Electoral Commission to show how parliament would look if only university students voted.

Not all votes at campuses would have been from students and a high number of students at Otago and others which attract a majority who live away from home would have cast special votes for their home electorates.

But it’s reasonable to assume most would have been students and therefore more would have been younger than at other polling stations.

This supports the view that the Green Party gets more support from younger people.

Their failure to keep that support as people age is another argument against their marooning themselves on the far left of the political spectrum.

The environment isn’t socialist.

Ag students who voted blue could be just as passionate about the environment as any who voted Green.

The blue-green view of sustainability – balancing environmental, economic and social concerns, is both more practical and sustainable than the Green one which is red.

2 Responses to Blue-green more sustainable than red

  1. Allan says:

    This just shows that when you are young you tend to be idealistic about things however as you age and experience what life is all about realism sets in and you tend to become more Conservative.

  2. invercargillgreen says:

    Chuckle, where is the evidence that young people stop voting Green as they age? The Green Party didn’t exist for those who were students in the 70s and 80s.

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