Is this really what NZ wanted?

Preliminary election results give no certainty as to which party will lead the next government.

Prime Minister Bill English led National to 46% support, an astounding result for a party seeking a fourth term in office.

But that 46% is only 50 seats which is not enough for a majority government.

Labour’s 35.8% was far more than its supporters could have hoped for before its leadership change but even further away from a majority. It would need both New Zealand First and the Green Party.

This means that Winston Peters, and it is the leader not his party who counts, has almost all the say on what happens next.

NZ First got only 7.5% of the vote. Polls before the election showed that its supporters were fairly evening divided on whether Peters should choose National or Labour should it be in the position to do so.

A criticism of First Past the Post was that voters in marginal seats had too much power.

But MMP has given more power to fewer people by allowing a minor party to choose the government and half of  its supporters will be disappointed regardless of whichever it is.

Is this really what New Zealand wanted?

9 Responses to Is this really what NZ wanted?

  1. pdm` says:

    `Is this really what New Zealand wanted?’

    No – STV (single transferrable vote) would have been better but MMP was forced upon the country.

  2. Andrei says:

    I did campaign vociferously against MMP so I get to tell you Ï told you so”.

    What we really need is a Tsar 🙂

  3. pdm` says:

    Andrei assuming your Tsar would have the same role as a President I say not until the following are beyond the job – Helen Clarke, Jim Bolger, Michael Cullen and Winston Peters.

  4. Bulaman says:

    The cabal you mention are already beyond the job and I would add Joffry Palmer to that lot.

  5. Andrei says:

    I was making a joke Bulaman – the Tsar line is actually a quote but too obscure

  6. Andrei says:

    To add to the above what we see now is a feature of MMP not a bug – MMP is not supposed to deliver a Government of one party with absolute power

    And NZ First voters knew that Winston Peters would not be leading the ruling party in Parliament but might be in a position to clip their wings, which is why they voted the way they did

    What NZ First has to get right though is who they choose to consort with – get it wrong and they will pay a heavy price next election

  7. Will says:

    It will be important not to hurry the process. Two or three years will be fine by me.

  8. pdm` says:

    Andrei – too subtle for me and Bulaman I agree 100% re Palmer.

  9. Teletext says:

    Andrei, I agree with you but the reality is that Winnie will go with Liarbour and try to sideline the watermelons but I don’t think that will happen. The result sadly for the country will end up as a cluster f##k and that will see the end (at last) of both Winnie First and the Watermelons. If the watermelons had half a brain they would do a deal with Blenglish and shut Winnie out altogether. Winnie is the consumate opposition MP. Government doesn’t work for him

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