Experience matters

Would you trust someone with a few weeks’ leadership experience to run a school, a hospital or a business?

Everyone has to learn on the job to a greater or lesser extent but someone at the kindergarten stage of leadership is far les suitable for the role of Prime Minister than someone at the post-graduate level.

As former Prime Minister Jim Bolger said:

Personality doesn’t feed your children or keep the rivers clean, personality doesn’t make the country safe, it requires sound leadership strong intellect and the right policies.

It’s not just leadership experience but the record before the leadership which matters.

Prime Minister Bill English has proven himself.

He was knocked down and got up again, serving New Zealand to the best of his considerable ability.

He has earned the Prime Ministership and is leading a team with considerable government and private sector experience.

That is a sharp contrast to Labour, it’s leader and front bench who David Farrar points out is almost entirely comprised of people with neither government nor private sector experience.

That, National’s record, and poll after poll showing people regard the party is far more capable than Labour in economic management ought to be enough for a clear win for the incumbents.

But poll after poll also show support is volatile and the race is very, very close.

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