Tax teachers to tackle tail of failures?

Why don’t we tax teachers and use the money to tackle the tail of kids who fail at school?

That wouldn’t be fair, there are many reasons for children failing, you can’t hold all teachers responsible.

There are many reasons for the degradation of water quality, but you say it’s fair to tax all irrigators to clean it up. You could use the money for professional development for teachers who aren’t performing.

That’s ridiculous, you couldn’t take money from good teachers to upskill the bad. it’s not their responsibility, that’s up to principals or the ministry.

But Labour plans to take money from all irrigators and use some to bring poor performers up to standard even though regional councils already have the powers to make them comply.

And what about the teachers who are already doing everything they should, and spending their own money on further education. You can’t expect them to pay for those who don’t.

That’s exactly what Labour’s water tax would do. It would take money from irrigators who have spent and still are spending their own money to bring those who haven’t and aren’t up to scratch.

But what if the school doesn’t have a problem with pupils not achieving, what if it and it’s teachers are already doing everything they can for all their pupils?

The money could go to schools where there are problems.

But that’s not fair, you can’t tax teachers at one school and use the money to deal with problems at another.

That’s exactly the way the water tax would work. It would take money from the good in one place and use it to deal with problems in another.

But what if teacher standards aren’t the problem anyway? You can’t tax them for something over which they have no control.

That’s exactly how the water tax would work. It would take the money even if the problem with water quality was due to bird life, storm water or sewerage and nothing at all to do with irrigating or even farming.

And what exactly would the money be used for, how would it make a difference? You have to have a plan first then work out how to pay for it, not take the money and then find ways to spend it.

That’s exactly what’s been suggested for the water tax. Labour has said it would take the money, give some to Iwi, some to regional councils to clean up waterways, but with no plan for how they’d do that, and if any is left over it could be used for roads which are district council responsibilities. All of that’s very vague and nothing they’ve said explains how the money will make a difference to waterways.

Teachers always get the blame but you can’t make them pay because children are behind before they get to school, don’t have basic language, are hungry, have health problems . . .

Just like farmers get the blame for poor water quality when it isn’t them or their farming practices which are the problem.

It would simply be unfair to tax a whole group of professionals, with a vague intention to use the money to solve problems for which most aren’t responsible and over which they have little or no control and no concrete plan over how it could make a difference.






9 Responses to Tax teachers to tackle tail of failures?

  1. pdm` says:

    Excellent comparisons.

  2. Allan says:

    The stupidity of their policies is beyond belief. Not only is the well being of the rural areas extremely important but our country is an agricultural based economy and any attack on that important base will result in a disastrous flow on effect to the rest of NZ. Have they not heard of the saying “When the farmers are doing well the rest of the country is doing well” As a born and bred Auckland citizen I am absolutely disgusted with Labour’s attitude and contempt of the hard working Farmers of our country they deserve praise not criticism. Hopefully, fingers and toes and everything else crossed the good, thinking people of NZ will see through the disastrous policies of Adern and her cohorts and return a center right Government to power in order to ensure a positive future for NZ. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

  3. Judge Holden says:

    Yeah, right on. It doesn’t matter how much pollution and environmental damage they cause in pursuit of personal enrichment. They’re FARMERS!

    Your analogy is as ridiculous as nominating Todd Barclay as a candidate for Parliament.

  4. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    An intriguing post from Ele, she uses teaching to draw a parrell with Labour’s water tax. It is intriguing and broadly Adam agrees. The imagery is excellent.

  5. Andrei says:

    It doesn’t matter how much pollution and environmental damage they cause in pursuit of personal enrichment. They’re FARMERS!

    Let’s outlaw farming!

    That’s a brilliant idea – billions of people will starve but that’ s all good and the planet will be saved for the cockroaches to inherit

    You sir are living proof that Greenies are total fuckwits

  6. Paul Austin says:

    Yes. Yes! Brilliant!!

    Why stop there?? If children are a limited resource, bring exploited by teachers for their own profit, at a cost to the public, then lets tax nurses too! Sick people are a shared community resource, being exploited by nurses, to their private gain! How can anyone else use the sick for profit if someone has cared for them already? Tax them too!

    And doctors. Look at the downside of all the successful disease treatments on the alternative health market? Excluded! Unfair and irrational!! This must change!!!

    /satire /squared

  7. Paul Austin says:

    Huh! So it looks like we already DO tax teachers for their sinecure on educating kids, and the profit they derive from it. After all, it’s a regulated industry, because we wouldn’t give just anyone access to a limited resource like children, or publicly-owned schools.

    Ditto doctors-n-nurses, and the nice little service business thing they have going, exploiting those sick and injured – another publicly-held resource in limited supply.

    We call it “income tax”.

    So. Yeah. Seems totally fair to charge a resource levy on teachers, reflecting the public opportunity cost of their resource extraction by teaching kids for payment.

    Only fair to do so also for water. Thanks for pointing this out.

    And while we’re at it, let’s tax parents for their use of teacher time, in direct proportion to their kids’ grades. Higher clearly reflects greater exploitation, and benefit. Now we’re talking sense!

  8. Will says:

    Went right over your head didn’t it Paul?

  9. Paul Austin says:

    @Will. Over my head? Probably. Humour is like that. Whizzes past.

    “What was that odd noise? Oh. Really!? A funny joke? Ah well. Nevermind. Catch it next time. Perhaps.”

    Nevertheless, a highly illuminating initial choice of ironic analogy, on several levels.

    More satire please, Home Paddock!

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