Captain called wrong

Jacinda Ardern made a captain’s call on the possibility of introducing a capital gains tax without putting it to voters.

Just a couple of weeks ago deputy Kelvin Davis was rebuked for saying it would be put to voters.

Yesterday it was her finance spokesman Grant Robertson who fronted the media to say that was no longer the case.

The captain called wrong.

It shows her inexperience.

It shows the party isn’t ready for government.

It shows their leader isn’t ready to be Prime Minister.

Experience and judgement matter and this episode shows she lacks both.




5 Responses to Captain called wrong

  1. Will says:

    Does anyone believe she really is leader, other than herself? There is a lot of this now, Trudeau, Macron etc.


  2. Andrei says:

    Well you don’t get leaders if they are picked the way X Factor winners are picked

    But this is how 21st century ” democracy” works. It is a feature not a bug – it allows our real masters to rule over us from the sidelines granting us bread and circuses to keep us quiet and docile.

    The last thing the powers that be want for New Zealand is a leader in the role of prime minister – they want a marionette whose strings they can pull and a docile population of brain dead serfs


  3. Heather Adam says:

    Their proposed treatment of farmers beggars belief. Who in their right minds would punish the ‘backbone of our country’? I listened to an address recently from Dr Rowarth, Chief Scientist,EPA, who told us that the rivers are fine except near industrial and highly populated areas. Most of what we are hearing is a beat-up. Society is very shallow if we are voting on a big smile which, incidentally, can turn to a scowl very quickly !


  4. Will says:

    And the emissions tax. We have the world’s most efficient carbon neutral agriculture and the most inefficient tourism industry. So which is to be sacrificed? We are losing our reason.

    Lots of red pills there Andrei but you are right of course. They barely make the effort to conceal it now. Probably will result in another war.


  5. Andrei says:

    The emissions trading scheme is off the wall insane

    How the powers that be have convinced the general populace that a trace gas in the atmosphere the presence of which is vital to life on earth as we know it is a “pollutant” shows nothing more than the power of propaganda

    But people have to eat and the more cheaply we can produce nutritious food the better for all

    My parents knew famine and hunger in their youth and it coloured their whole lives but few in NZ has experienced this and take for granted the wide variety of food in the supermarket without a thought of how it is produced or how it gets there and want to knock the folks that make it happen with the sweat of their brow

    The waterways thing is tosh to – I have seen the rivers in Africa and they are distinctly unhealthy and dangerous to the people who need to use them for their water supply, dangerous not because of human activity but the local flora and fauna (some of which we lament as endangered species not having to live with them ourselves of course)


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