Four engines firing or faltering

Poll after poll show that Prime Minister Bill English and National have the most trust when it comes to running the economy.

If that trust doesn’t translate into votes, people don’t understand the importance of sound economic management and the economic, environmental and social dividends that flow from it.

Nor do they understand what a poorly managed economy would deliver but John Roughan spells it out:

Until now the economy has been flying on four good engines: good government (which means above all controlled spending), business confidence, population growth and a strong currency. Loosen control of public spending and all those engines start to splutter. If business confidence drops, immigration drops and the dollar drops it is going to be ugly. Growth will stall, import prices will rise, interest rates will have to go up against inflation, house prices will tumble and heavily mortgaged owners are going to be in trouble. I hope this is not where we are next year.

Voters have a choice – we can keep four engines firing with PM Bill English and National or let them falter.


6 Responses to Four engines firing or faltering

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    As Adam has said before, many voters are being swayed by media dislike of Bill English and National.

  2. Heather Adam says:

    As a political ‘junkie’ I despair when I hear people, like the woman caller to ZB a couple of nights ago, saying that she will vote for Jacinda ‘ because she has beautiful hair ‘. Spare me !!

  3. pdm` says:

    I believe early voting from tomorrow is going to be a big advantage to Labour. Their constituency will stumble across polling booths rather than having to find them on election day.

  4. Will says:

    “National has sold our generation down the river.”

    Millennial resentment. How predictable. Still hoping for a miracle but things seem pretty forlorn.

  5. Paul Austin says:

    Hmm. So National are using John Roughan as an apologist for their self control on public spending? Surely not the John Roughan who wrote a whole article a while back on the fiscal moderation of left-wing governments worldwide?

    “Why, I wonder, does the impression persist that the right is prudent and the left profligate with public money?”

    Here’s that article >

    Nup. Looks like it’s that John Roughan to me. How very curious …

  6. Will says:

    Your point is not clear. ALL governments in democracies overspend. It is a well understood flaw.
    The Right is generally associated with traditional families, personal responsibility, property rights and individual freedoms. The Left with centralised State control, enforced equality, entitlements and victim mentality.

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