Friday’s answers

Teletext gets my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions and can collect a virtual bunch of daffodils by leaving the answers below should all of us have been stumped.

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  1. Teletext says:

    Well done to Gravedodger who nearly got it all correct except he fell into a trap with Q2 and he gave the answer to Q3. It has long been a myth that he did write the song that is the subject of Q3. I used to think that until I learned the truth. The daffodils will be most appreciated.

    1. Who was Orvil Grover Autry better known as and what were his claims to fame and what was his nickname?

    Gene Autry, he was first a singer and then an actor and became known as “the singing cowboy”. He also wrote the Cowboy Code or the Cowboy 10 Commandments:
    1. The Cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man, or take unfair advantage.
    2. He must never go back on his word, or a trust confided in him.
    3. He must always tell the truth.
    4. He must be gentle with children, the elderly, and animals.
    5. He must not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas.
    6. He must help people in distress.
    7. He must be a good worker.
    8. He must keep himself clean in thought, speech, action, and personal habits.
    9. He must respect women, parents, and his nation’s laws.
    10. The Cowboy is a patriot.

    2. He wrote and recorded a famous Christmas song that became a major hit. What song was it?

    Here Comes Santa Claus

    3. He also first recorded and had a #1 hit with another song that is still very popular today. What song is it?

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    4. Who were Leonard Franklin Slye and Lucille Wood Smith better known as?

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

    5. What was Leonard Slye’s connection to Orvil Autry?

    He took over as “the singing cowboy” and also Autry’s title on the Top Ten Money-Making Western Stars Poll, initially pushing Autry into second place.


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