Friday’s answers

Teletext, Andrei and Gravedodger get my thanks for posing yesterday’s questions.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual chocolate roulade by leaving the answers below.

3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    Gravedodger aced mine so no Roulade for me. He had an impossible question in his quiz but my guess to it would have been Swmbo

    Who are the following better known as?

    1. Mary Pollock
    Enid Blyton who would have turned 120 today

    2. Catherine Wilson Malcolm
    Kate Sheppard – spelling Gravedodger

    3. Jessica Ellen Cornish
    Jessie J

    4. Nguyen Sinh Cung aka Nguyen Ai Quoc
    Ho Chi Minh

    5. Lucille Ryan
    Lucy Lawless

    6. Dolly Rebecca Dean
    Dolly Parton

  2. Gravedodger says:

    I call it Honest Cheating Tt.
    I will hold back on the virtual fresh pouring cream at dinner tonight as penance for my bad spelling.

    1 Bronagh Irene Dougan
    2 Thea Dale Flyger
    3 Florence Beatrice Drayton
    4 Norma Janet Ingram
    5 Mary Scanlon.
    6 Barnes, Cant remember her forenames, they are written down somewhere, as a survival technique I try to call all women Darling and so far so good.

    Bonus; They are at this moment in time , all one trick ponies in The marriage stakes, afaik.

    My see food diet includes much that is only seen for a very short time. So sad, even a virtual roulade is a nice image.

    ps I also try to open carriage doors and in fact all doors for the better gender, and so far have not encountered a raging feminist who was insulted, very sheltered life you know.

  3. Andrei says:

    (1) What was the Brill Building Famous for?

    It is/was home to music publishers, record companies and song writers since the 1930s – its hey day came in the early 1960s its alumni from then being people like Neil Diamond and Carole King among many others some mentioned by TT

    The earliest Monkees songs were written there and the recordings were made using musicians from the Wrecking Crew mentioned in the next question and which GD on the original thread sneered at

    However the Monkees themselves later rebelled against this approach and took control of the music they made and played

    (2) I mentioned the group of sessions musicians known as the Wrecking Crew on the Glen Campbell memorial post yesterday. There was one female member, very prominent. Can you name her and her instrument?

    Carol Kaye who is mostly noted for her electric bass playing

    (3) Herbie Flowers was a prominent English session musician of the early seventies who came up with one of the most recognizable bass lines of all time which defines the song on which it was used – can you name the song?

    Lou Reed’s walk on the wild side – as soon as you hear the first bar of that bass line you know what the song is –
    it was done with a double bass overdubbed with an electric bass playing a 10th higher which is an octave + a major third

    (4) One of Sir Richard Branson’s first business ventures was “Virgin Records” – What was the first record released by Virgin Records?

    Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

    (5) When the Beatles first single was released they were touring as the opening act for England’s top female singer, can you name her?

    And how old was she when she became famous?

    Helen Shapiro who became the top British Female vocalist when she was 14 and whose career at 17 when the Beatles overshadowed everyone

    She was as GD lamented a product marketed by the record company EMI, even made a film

    But what she did was totally controlled by EMI’s A and R man Norrie Paramor who also created Cliff Richard and the Shadows and her career faded as the Beatles ascended

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