2 MPs quit Green list over Turei

Patrick Gower at Newshub has just reported that Green MPs David Clendon and Kennedy Graham have resigned from the party list in protest over Meteria Turei’s failure to resign.

The problem isn’t what she did all those years ago, it is her refusal to accept responsibility, admit she was wrong and apologise.

Turei’s attempt to use her own wrong-doing to advance an impossibly-expensive welfare policy has highlighted the party’s socialist leanings.

Lloyd Burr was right, the Greens have lost their way:

. . . The party doesn’t look like the strong, unwavering voice for the environment anymore.

It is not focussed on forests and rivers, or climate change, or conservation underfunding, or waste and pollution reduction.

It is now a party focussed on fighting for the rights of beneficiaries. It is focussed on legitimising benefit fraud, boosting welfare payments, and removing welfare obligations. . .

If the Greens were moderate on social and economic policy they could sit in the middle of the political spectrum like the Maori Party, able to go left or right.

Instead their environmental concerns are overshadowed by far-left social policy.

The party’s refusal to censure Turei has added to its troubles with only Clendon and Graham showing any integrity over the issue.

3 Responses to 2 MPs quit Green list over Turei

  1. Andrei says:

    Trouble is they will be cast as grumpy old white men by the gender warriors and social engineers who have used the Green brand to advance their (satanic) agenda


  2. jabba says:

    the greens have already announced that they asked these two were asked to stand and the next election and nasty green supporters are slagging them off big time. 2 loyal and law abiding MPs are gone but the crook stays on .. wow


  3. Andrei says:

    The Left in this country are showing what repellent people they are

    Chardonnay Socialists to a man, woman, or whatever of the other 29 currently recognized genders or as yet unrecognized gender they identify with


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