Friday’s answers

Gravedodger and Andrei get my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions and can claim a virtual winter sweet bush by leaving the answers below.

Whether or not they’ve stumped us all, Gravedodger gets the virtual winter sweet for amusing me and Andrei for perseverance.


6 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Ta Ele, after living in eight marital homes each with a winter sweet somewhwere in the garden, this time it has struggled with its setup but it is always a great scent in a time of year that too often offers little cheer.

    MY answers
    1 none- cows have cloven hooves with the two parts widely accepted to be “claws” in my sheltered world. Sorry Andrei I have the power even if wrong.
    2 4 x 2 and I sincerely hope I didn’t destroy any keyboards belonging to anyone resorting to google.
    3 4 x 2 again
    4 4 x 4. Dew claws that seem to be an evolutionary residual anatomical bit left over and should be removed at a young age with scissors, dont make it.
    Sorry again Andrei, I really was keen on that virtual winter sweet dream.
    5 I am assuming ten but have no idea as only added because I could and wondered if it would attract facts to fit.

    ps Have a good friend who has no thumb on one hand with the index having adapted to an opposing digit role, the other hand perfectly aligned.
    Oh and I had almost taken a little toe off on the 4 x 2, make that 100 by 50 that ends swmbo’s car heading to the garage wall and could be a foot, make that 300mm shorter.
    An inoccuous but painful outcome from stocking feet and going too fast that got me launched in my tilt at a win.

    emojis are not yet mastered but nice day to all, it is drizzling again here in Paradise.

  2. Andrei says:

    Oh dear GD all your animals in 1,2 and 3 are ungulates of the even toed variety from the Latin ungulatus meaning hooved – Horses are odd toed ungulates with only one toe

    Hooves are effectively toenails and ungulates walk on their toes as do cats and dogs who have claws rather than hooves

    We could discuss animal taxonomy all the day long – I actually suspected your answers were going to be along the line on “none they have hooves variety”

  3. Andrei says:

    What are the following best remembered for

    (1) Eratosthenes

    He measure the diameter of the Earth around about 200 BC and got a value very close to that accepted today

    Chris Columbus who was familiar with his work believed he had got it wrong and the Earth was much smaller than it is – if he had accepted Eratosthenes value he would have never attempted his Atlantic crossing because if it was all sea from Europe to China sailing West he would have never made it – Luckily America was in the way so it worked out OK

    (2) János Bolyai and Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky

    These two gentlemen independently had a major insight at the same time involving geometry and came up with the first non Euclidean Geometry Hyperbolic Geometry – what is amazing about this is the number of people since the time of Euclid had very nearly had the same insight but backed away rather than explore it

    (3) Alfred Wegener

    He came up with the idea of tectonic plates and continental drift and was initially mocked for it not being a Geologist you understand – bear this in mind when the Global Warming cultists accuse scientists who contradict their thesis of not being climate scientists

    (4) Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes

    They derived the Navier Stokes equations which allow engineers to design planes that don’t fall out of the sky, oil pipelines, and America’s cup yachts among other things

    Stokes was one of the giants on 19th century science who is virtually unknown today

    (5) Edward Norton Lorenz

    He is the father of Chaos theory – others had seen what he saw but he was the first to publish in English and it is his work that is the starting point of the modern theory

  4. Gravedodger says:

    Lighten up Andrei, our host’s ‘opportunity knocks’ here is regarded by me as Pub quiz level with simmilar rules.
    The quiz master is the final arbiter included.

    Recently I considered a contestant on “The Chase” (a must watch for SWMBO) to be somewhat hard done by when she answered Rowing Regatta when they wanted the Oxbridge boat race, not only was she denied a point but the two extra seconds while Bradley considered, I guess via his earpeice her answer was to be ruled out.
    When so many of those contests result in mere seconds win or lose, it was quite glaring.

    The Claws for Cows hooves was included for entertainment value as being described as such is rather quaint when compared to other clawed animals and birds. Being scratched by a cow’s claw often aint that damaging whereas being stood upon or kicked is another potentially hurty matter.

    Some of your offerings by way of questions are challenging and without mrs Googles little chap(pess) are usually well beyond my knowledge base, being of Celtic extraction growing up in this country but for informative expansion very useful.

    Your re-mark still stands at C+.

  5. Andrei says:

    These quizzes are for fun GD – we await the day when our gracious hostess returns to setting them

    My questions reflect my thoughts – when we look at who are the important people today particularly politicians it is useful to remember that few will remember them tomorrow and their contributions to posterity will be essentially zip whereas the gentlemen in my quiz while not being household names have left a legacy that pervades all the marvels of our age that we take for granted

  6. Gravedodger says:

    Agreed Andrei keep the faith.

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