Test your word power

I got 100%    :

You an artistic genius! You love to read and discuss your ideas with your peers. You are in the constant search of meaning through social interaction, media, real-life experiences, and books. Your dedication to this endeavor led you to have a wide vocabulary. Your peers consider you as an eloquent and an influential speaker. You probably get a standing ovation at least once a week! Splendid!

There must be a word for over exaggeration.

3 Responses to Test your word power

  1. pdm` says:

    It must be too easy – 100% also.


  2. Andrei says:

    It was far too easy fairly basic English vocabulary


  3. Gravedodger says:

    Gee Tanks guys and a girl I was awarded the best in show as well.

    Ele, would hyperbole be stronger than exaggeration?


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