Then and now

This was Jacinda Arden in June:

“. . .It’s me knowing myself and knowing that actually, when you’re a bit of an anxious person, and you constantly worry about things, there comes a point where certain jobs are just really bad for you. I hate letting people down. I hate feeling like I’m not doing the job as well as I should. I’ve got a pretty big weight of responsibility right now; I can’t imagine doing much more than that.”

Yesterday she became leader of the Labour Party leader. That means she will be doing “much more than that” and campaigning for a role that is even more onerous.

What’s changed between then and now to make her capable of being a leader in August when she wasn’t in June?

3 Responses to Then and now

  1. Andrei says:

    Some of the best leaders have had doubts about their ability to do the job whereas those who claw their way to the top certain of the superiority over everyone else in all matters have lead to catastrophe

    Not that I am a fan of the woman I hasten to add but this honest self assessment does nothing to harm her in my eyes


  2. […] blogger Homepaddock sums the issue up regarding Jacinda […]


  3. Richard says:

    Then and now–
    And if Bill English does not stop answering every question put to him with “Well–” Or “Well ah–” he is going to continue to come across as complaisant or indecisive. The shucks style – does not work for me. Someone tell him please.


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