New face solves only one of Labour’s problems

Andrew Little has resigned and been replaced by Jacinda Arden.

Labour also has a new deputy in Kelvin Davis.

I don’t think this was the fresh approach the party’s now obsolete billboards were promising and it will solve only one of its problems.

The new face will get more, and more positive, publicity than the old one did, at least for a while. But she’s still leading the same party and has inherited all its other problems.

One of those is a lack of money which will be exacerbated by the expense of new hoardings and any other publicity already produced.

Another is confusion about what it stands for and poor policies which result from that.

And the big one is the memorandum of understanding with the Green Party.

The Green’s have been the only ones to gain from that and have shown contempt for both Labour and the MOU.

If they can’t be trusted in opposition, how on earth could they be trusted in government, especially if New Zealand First was also in the mix?

P.S. Echoing Nick at No Minister, spare a thought for the volunteers. It’s no fun when your party is in disarray and it will be the volunteers who will be doing most of the work taking down and replacing the hoardings.

One Response to New face solves only one of Labour’s problems

  1. Another problem they have (the biggest in my opinion) is that they are meant to be a working class party but the working class see Labour advocate de-stocking farms and wonder if they will lose their farm jobs (and whether their favourite cow will go to get her head chopped off). They see Labour oppose mining and wonder about their mining jobs. Labour is purely a unionist belt way party and the polls reflect this. I think their MP’s understand this but as evidenced by waiting until they didn’t need an internal election to roll Andrew Little they are hamstrung.


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