Water woes

After last week’s floods a local wit quipped, ah well, we must be a day nearer the next drought.

It’s difficult to remember parched paddocks when yours are sodden, or worse as they are for some, still flooded.

But while we live in a pluvial country the pluviality doesn’t always come at the right time and the right places.

Sooner or later, drought will be causing water woes for farmers again in those places which don’t have the insurance of irrigation.

In other parts of the world, the problem isn’t just the lack or rain, it’s lack of infrastructure and I can’t avoid the temptation to ask: if it was men’s job to get the water would wells, pumps and pipes be a bigger priority?

3 Responses to Water woes

  1. pukeko60 says:

    Irrigation and water access generally are the (frequently male) farmer’s biggest worries on the East Coast.
    Of both Islands.
    Even in the suburbs, where we now have town water supply, the foundations of the old water tanks remain.


  2. Will says:

    I fear this is an issue of racial IQ rather than gender. These are a people who, not only failed to invent the wheel, but did not even adopt it, even when Arab slavers introduced the technology. Different peoples have different strengths; technology is not Africa’s forte.

    So the girls carry stuff around on their heads.


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    Sad but true, Will, from observations from recent trips to Eastern Africa. But hey, these countries have leaders educated at leading educational institutions in the UK!! I’m sure they will find The Wheel in time. Yeah right!


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