Friday’s answers

Andrei and Teletext get my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual batch of chocolate hazelnut biscuits by leaving the answers below.

2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    Ele, I gladly claim the chocolate hazelnut biscuits. Two of my facourite foods together.

    What are the following places better known as?

    1. Sandwich Islands

    2. Society Islands
    French Polynesia or Tahiti

    3. Gilbert & Ellice Islands
    Kiribati and Tuvalu

    4. Friendly Islands

    5. Savage island

    6. Pleasant island

    7. Van Dieman’s Land

    8. Islas de las Velas Latinas (Islands of the Lateen Sails)

    9. La Austrialia du Esperitu Santo (The Southern Land of the Holy Spirit)
    Vanuatu (Thought this one would have been solved as Esperitu Santo is still a name there)

    10. Middlebrook Islands or Brook Islands
    Midway (site of one of the major and turning point battles of WW2)

  2. Andrei says:

    (1) What do Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople, and Metropolitan Philip II of Moscow have in common?

    (2) Which King was whipped by the monks in Canterbury Cathedral as penance for the murder of Thomas Becket?

    (3) What was the fate of Archbishop Laud?

    (4) What happened to Archbishops Latimer and Ridley?

    These questions all involve Bishops killed by the authorities of the lands where they lived – Apart from question one all are English though Thomas Becket and Henry II were actually far more French rather than English

    (1) They were both attacked in their cathedrals and subsequently murdered

    (2) Henry II

    (3) He was beheaded by act of Parliament after it proved impossible to secure a conviction for treason in the normal courts

    (4) They were burned at the stake

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