Labour’s own poll low?

Last month Labour released results of its own polling to show it was doing better than public polls.

There’s been no release of its own since the 1 News Colmar Brunton poll:

Since the last poll in late May, Mr Little has dropped to fourth behind Bill English, Winston Peters and deputy Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.

Mr Little’s popularity fell by three points to five per cent while Mr Peters jumped four points to 11 per cent.

It’s the lowest result for a leader of the opposition since 2009. . .

National dropped two points to 47 per cent, while Labour dropped three points to 27 per cent.

The Green Party and New Zealand First are both up two points to 11 per cent.

The Maori Party is up one point to 2 per cent and The Opportunities Party is steady on 1 per cent. . .


This isn’t an optimal poll for National but it’s far worse for Labour which would only get to 61 seats in a 122 seat parliament with the Green Party and NZ First.

It would only get a majority with Maori Party support as well and that wouldn’t be a recipe for the political equivalent of happy families.

This is only one poll but it continues the trend of low levels of support for Labour and its leader.

That the party hasn’t released its own polling suggests that those results are at least as dismal for it.

3 Responses to Labour’s own poll low?

  1. Owen says:

    Labour must be concerned with their inability to move their support levels up to a place where they are serious threat. The disturbing response seems to be go all out on throwing cash at various sectors, bribing them with their own money.

    It may help their numbers a little but it is disastrous economics that will jeopardize gains made over the last few years.

    How can politicians of all persuasions be convinced by us, as taxpayers, that merely throwing our hard earned cash at problems is rarely the right response?

  2. Andrei says:

    How can politicians of all persuasions be convinced by us, as taxpayers, that merely throwing our hard earned cash at problems is rarely the right response?

    National isn’t immune from this disease you know

    They threw millions of dollars so that rich boys could mess about in boats in Bermuda and now they are suggesting putting a cool $25 million into rebuilding a late Victorian folly in the Square Christchurch ( the reason for this being to buy the seat for the National incumbent who’s hold on the seat is tenuous of course)

    And who can forget giant inflatable Rugby balls where the glitterati of Auckland were able to sip champagne during the last world cup

  3. Mr E says:

    For a long time I have considered that the Greens are more interested in influence than power.

    As the left coalition appears to have less and less potential the appeal towards attracting voters away from potential coalition partners will grow.

    I doubt it will be long before we see an ‘every party for themselves’ approach, where they will try to cannibalise each others support.

    Already we see the Greens attempt to throw NZF under the bus. And under Little, Labour appears very shaky. How tempting must it be for the Greens?

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