Saturday’s smiles

A young city couple were driving down an unsealed country road on their way to visit some friends.

They rounded a corner, saw a muddy puddle in front of them with no time to stop and no room to avoid it. The car ploughed into the mud and got bogged down.

Neither of the pair was dressed for muddy work so were very relieved when a few minutes later a farmer came up to them in a tractor.

The driver opened his window, leaned out and offered the farmer $50 if he’d pull their car out of the mud, f

The farmer accepted the offer, attached  a tow rope and pulled the car free of the mud.

As she was untying the two rope the farmers said,  “You know, you’re the tenth car I’ve helped out of the mud today.”

The driver said, “That’s almost a full time job, when do you look after your stock, at night?”

The  farmer replied, “Oh no, night time is when I fill the mud hole with water.”

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