Action and reaction alarming

One of my student friends had a theory that there was no threat of nuclear war among the super powers because the people in charge understood the consequences.

The real threat, he said, was from less powerful countries where non-democratic regimes put idiots in charge.

The example he used then was Idi Amin.

He didn’t foresee a time when democracy mighty put someone whose emotions appear to outweigh, or overrule,  his intelligence in charge of a superpower.

North Korea’s missile tests are alarming but so too is President’s Trump’s reaction.


3 Responses to Action and reaction alarming

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    Even though the Reuters article you link to sounds inflammatory, if you read to the end, you will see that Trump stresses that he thinks the solution is diplomatic and, correctly, points out that only China can put adequate diplomatic pressure on North Korea.

    Unlike Obama, Trump would not hesitate to react militarily if Crazy Kim was insane enough to launch an ICBM at the US. That would be an act of war and both Russia and China would firmly sit on their hands while Trump turns Kim into a grease spot.

  2. Andrei says:

    In reality the USA is well out of range of Kim’s missiles, they might possibly reach Alaska but what would be the point of bombing wilderness – And he cannot build many far too expensive

    This is posturing on both sides

    Kim’s missiles would pose a far bigger threat to Russia and China – Vladivostok is in range for example and it is Russia and China who can calmly sort it if they are allowed to

    Posturing and threatening from the USA will only inflame matters

    Technically the Korean War is still ongoing and a ceasefire is in place and that has been the case for the past sixty years. During this time the USA has kept NK isolated and prevented them from establishing normal relationships with other countries except Russia and China who both share land borders with NK and do not meekly bow down before the USA

  3. Will says:

    Lovely. My daughter is in Russia at the moment, and heading that direction. It is difficult to see an easy solution to North Korea, but I’m not sure it’s America’s job. At least not yet.

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