Trust the science not the headline

The headline says: Study finds ‘potentially toxic’ nanoparticles in Australian baby formula:.

Tiny, needle-like nanoparticles that are potentially toxic have been found in Australian baby formulas.

A world-leading team in nanotechnology at Arizona State University tested seven off-the-shelf baby formula products and found two – Nestle’s NAN HA 1 Gold and Nature’s Way Kids Smart 1 – contained needle-shaped hydroxyapatite nanoparticles. . . .

Cue a panic among parents who use the formula.

But Michelle Dickinson at SciBlogs looks at the science and finds it’s better to trust the science, not the headline:

. . . So in conclusion, scientific jargon has been used to scare parents using evidence from a scientific paper which has findings of no special significance.

Based on current research, the hydroxyapatite nanoparticles found in baby formula are most likely safe, are in small doses, in a form that your baby can easily digest and could even be beneficial for your baby in the long run. 

Michelle’s explanation is an interesting read, and guess what, she notes that:

the study was commissioned and published by Friends of The Earth which is an environmental advocacy group.

There are more than enough real environmental problems for those genuinely concerned about making the planet a cleaner, greener place to act on without inventing more with pseudo science that accomplishes nothing more than scaremongering.



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