NZ’s Cup again


Twenty two year’s after Peter Montgomery celebrated New Zealand’s first America’s Cup win with the words, The America’s Cup is now New Zealand’s Cup,  Emirates Team New Zealand has won the 35th America’s Cup.

The Kiwi team dominated the final stage of the 35th America’s Cup, winning eight races to ORACLE TEAM USA’s one race win, giving the New Zealanders a final winning scoreline of 7-1.

They won eight races but the score line of 7-1 reflects the defender’s rule change to make the challengers start with -1.

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Peter Burling is only 26 – the youngest helmsman to win the America’s Cup.



6 Responses to NZ’s Cup again

  1. andrei says:

    Am I on the bad boys list?

    My comment went west


  2. homepaddock says:

    Definitely not, Andrei. We’ve missed you and it’s great to see you back. I get so much spam I empty the folder without looking at it but if your comment went there it wasn’t anything I did.


  3. andrei says:

    I have been away and my comment was wry commentary on my impressions upon my return when watching the news on TV one last night in the airport departure lounge while awaiting a connecting flight home

    What is important to the TV one news people seemed very strange to me, including the gushing hype over this which is a non event elsewhere – in fact I didn’t even know it was going on


  4. andrei says:

    I got your Email Ele – I guess wordpress doesn’t trust Yandex email in these troubled times so I used an old address that doesn’t exist anymore to post that comment but it worked and strangely it worked for you to contact me and the email came thru but cannot be replied to – I tried

    I’m going to have to sort a new email address to avoid wordpress paranoia

    Its all too weird


  5. homepaddock says:

    Tonight’s email didn’t bounce. But one I sent weeks ago after you didn’t provide the answers to the quiz questions you posed and several other commenters were concerned by your absence did bounce. Anyway, I hope your trip went well and it’s good to have you back.


  6. Will says:

    Andrei! we were starting to worry.


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