Do cats cook in the wild?

Vets warn raw meat diet could harm pets’ health.

This begs the question: do cats and other pets cook their meat in the wild?


2 Responses to Do cats cook in the wild?

  1. Will says:

    Wild animals generally have rather poor health compared to their domestic counterparts. Parasites and nutritional deficiencies are quite normal so the vets do sort of have a point. But what is an acceptable measure of health for a pet? Or a farm animal? Welfare activists make absurd demands on farmers, but take a look at what people spend on pets. Up to ten thousand dollar operations on animals that will only live a few years, massages, daycare, professional walkers and companions, groomers etc…it’s got rather ridiculous.

    And why? Because pets are replacing children in our dying, worn-out civilization. How tragic.

  2. mustang359 says:

    Vets and others who say feeding raw is bad, need a reality check. Wild cats and dogs eat raw, and they are in better health generally. Kibble is made for our convenience. Raw is literally the best you could possibly feed.

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