What’s a key pocket?

They needed some help. I’d cooked dinner, cleaned up and promised to be back to make lunch next day.

They gave me a set of keys so I could get in should they be out when I got to their house.

I put the keys carefully in my pocket and went home for the night.

Next morning I put on my jeans, felt in the pocket and my heart sank. No keys. I patted all my pockets. No keys. I put my hand in each pocket. Still no keys.

I looked on the floor, I shook out all the bed-clothes, I took everything out of my handbag and found a set of keys for another house. I looked under the bed, I took every item of clothes out of an overnight bag beside the bed and shook them, I got down on my hands and knees with a torch and scoured the floor again.

No keys.

I went out to the car, felt down the back and sides of the driver’s seat and found some small change but no keys.

I told myself a key ring with two keys can’t disappear into thin air, put my hand into my pocket again and found only a tissue.

I looked everywhere I’d already looked again and still no keys.

I gave up, gathered the makings for lunch, drove to the house of the people I was helping and let myself in with another spare key.

The home owner arrived home soon after and I confessed to losing the keys.

“I saw you put them in your pocket last night,” he said. “Are you sure they’re not in the key pocket?”

“Key pocket?” I thought, “What’s a key pocket?”

I put my hand into my pocket and as I did my thumb slid into a wee opening on the right hand side of the main one and felt something metal – the keys.

A key pocket is a good idea, but the key to its working properly is for the wearer of the jeans to know it’s there.


3 Responses to What’s a key pocket?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I am a convert to the “man bag”, only a handerchief in pockets.
    Solves so many issues, modern jeans have impossible pockets, the wallet slips out of arse pocket too easily. That inconvenience happened to me in a theatre in Masterton two decades ago and although a very sparse attendance and a fast return with in minutes actually, the cleaners had done their job and surprise surprise it was gone for ever.
    With two phones to cover the two main networks while travelling, two inhalers for airway relief, a wallet and a tablet, before you can say knife I am up there with Women having to empty the bag to find a hiding, if much needed item.

    Much sympathy for your all too common temporary problem.

  2. pdm` says:

    HP I think you must be related to mrspdm in some way – oris it a woman thing about losing keys?

    We have been married 47years and a couple of weeks and I am happy to tell anyone who will listen that I have spent at least 40 of those years looking for her keys.

  3. Paul Scott says:

    I thought a woman would feel something if she had another something in the pocket

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