Friday’s answers

Andrei gets my thanks for posing Thursday’s questions and can claim a virtual basket of quinces by leaving the answers below should he have stumped us all.


One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    I asked about this quotation “Paris vaut bien une messe” which (1) translated into English means “Paris is well worth a mass”

    It is attributed to (2) Henry of Navarre who became the first Bourbon King of France reigning as Henry IV of France

    (3) Henry baptised a Catholic but raised Protestant during the 16th century wars of religion in France. When he became heir presumptive to the French throne the wars broke out again with the leading center of opposition to him as a protestant coming from Paris

    On ascending the throne he became Catholic and Parisian opposition to his rule evaporated – when his conversion was queried he is alleged to have responded “Paris vaut bien une messe” or “Paris is well worth a mass”. In other words it was an archetypical example of realpolitik.

    (4) He appears in Love’s Labour’s Lost as Ferdinand – King of Navarre – a play which is somewhat obscure to modern readers because it references contemporary people and events which would have been familiar to its original audiences but are largely forgotten and unknown today – even by scholars

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