London terror

Another terror attack in London:

Four people have been killed, including a police officer, in a major terrorist incident just yards from the Houses of Parliament this afternoon. . . 

London is used to terror after decades of attacks by the IRA last century and the 2005 underground and bus bombings.

This is another incident to add to the tragic list with innocent people killed or injured and other lives changed forever.

3 Responses to London terror

  1. Andrei says:

    This is front page news because it happened in London where white people speak English

    When people die violently in Donetsk, which happens on an almost daily basis it doesn’t make the news at all

    Damascus atrocities do get an inch or so of ink but the narrative is different and the horrors of Mosul also get reported with their own spin

    And as for Juba, Saana or Sirte nobody can even find them on the map, so who cares.

    I have seen a photo of the perpetrator – he looks South Asian (Afghani?), time will tell but this will be ascribed to Islam because our narrative is Islam is a violent religion and the man himself will presumably align himself with that cause

    I’m no fan of Nicky Hagar and will not be reading his latest tome, which may or may not be an accurate report of an incident in Afghanistan 7 years ago but in that too we see the violent deaths of innocents in their own homes, innocents we cannot relate to in the same way we relate to londoners because of different cultural affinities but innocents never the less

    This has been part of the human condition since Cain killed Abel

    I saw this this morning a reminder of an act of terrorism that we don’t give that label to.

    So when we hear the anti Islamic rhetoric over this latest incident we should at least consider what Nicky Hager has put before us and the image I posted


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Gee Whiz most New Zealand people dont even care what is happening 1200 miles across our moat.


  3. Andrei says:

    “Gee Whiz most New Zealand people dont even care what is happening 1200 miles across our moat.”

    Indeed GD that is why whenever these things happen one of the first things that will be reported that no New Zealanders are believed to be involved

    And New Zealanders who happen to be in the city where the event occurred will be sought out for interviews by our media even though they may have been miles away from where the incident occurred and have no special insight into it

    Parochialism is a wonderful thing


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