Friday’s answers

Andrei and J Bloggs posed the questions for which they get my thanks.

If they’ve stumped us all they can claim a virtual collection of Footrot Flats Flats books by leaving the answers below.


2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. J Bloggs says:

    1) Who was the 11th son of Jacob?


    2) What event does recent scholarship claim to have occured on Friday 3rd April, 33CE?

    The Crucifixition of Jesus Christ

    3) Who is the valet in P.G Wodehouse’s novels about a 1920’s english fop?


    4) With which country is Maria Eva Duarte most closely associated?

    Argentina – she is more commonly known as Eva Peron

    5) Who wrote “The Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”?

    T.S Eliot

    6) What is the Palais Garnier better know as?

    The Paris Opera

    7) Which film ends with the line “All right, Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my close up”?

    Sunset Boulevard

    8) What do the above questions all have in common?

    They were all subjects of musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber
    – Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat
    – Jesus Christ, Superstar
    – Jeeves (this was one of his big flops, which is why you may not have heard about it)
    – Evita
    – Cats
    – Phantom of the Opera
    – Sunset Boulevard

  2. Andrei says:

    (1) Who was the husband of Isabella of France?

    (2) In what famous historical movie epic did she anachronistically appear portrayed as an adulterous lover of the main character?

    (3) What was her husband’s legendary fate?

    (4) What was she doing when her greatest enemy was executed and what was his name?

    (5) Who was her lover and what was his eventual fate?

    (1) King Edward II of England.

    She married him at 12 and was a good and faithful wife to him for many years despite his preference for young men over her

    She bore him four children

    (2) Braveheart – her encounter with him in this movie is anachronistic because she was three years old at the time it is portrayed as occurring and didn’t come to England aged 12 until five years after his death

    (3) Legend has it he had a red hot poker inserted into his anus – there is some doubt about this, nobody really knows how he died

    (4) Her nemisis was Hugh Despenser the younger, her husband’s last favourite, a particularly nasty piece of work who had him sideline her and took her children from her with her husband’s compliance – If you come between a she wolf and her cubs you do so at your peril

    At this point she bided her time until she got the opportunity to go to France as an envoy and have her eldest son sent there to pay homage to the French King her brother. She then refused to return, established a relationship with (5) Roger Mortimer, who had been loyal to her husband until betrayed by the Despensers, raised an army returned to England, deposing her Husband in favour of their son

    Hugh Despenser was now at her mercy and mercy she had none. She had a scoffold built and a stand right in front, with a feast laid out. There she could watch as his gentials were cut off and burned before his intestines were also slowly removed and burned as he watched and she feasted

    She ruled England as regent with (5) Roger Mortimer for her son Edward III until at age 17 he took control, sneaking into the castle where they were holed up and arresting them – Roger Mortimer was hanged without the drama of drawing and quartering while Isabella lived under comfortable house arrest for a short period before resuming her life as dowager Queen and eventually as Grandmother to her son’s children to whom she was very affectionate

    The woman is fascinating which is why she was slipped into the Braveheart movie I suppose

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