Murray Ball 1939 – 12.3.2017

Murray Ball who created Footrot Flats has died.

Mr Ball, 78, died at about 11.30am this morning.

Born in Feilding in 1939, Mr Ball became one of New Zealand’s most successful cartoonists. . .

Footrot Flats featured in daily papers for years, bringing rural life and humour to town and country.

Although many of the cartoon strips were simply funny, some carried a message, showing Ball’s political views and environmental concerns.


Rob Hosking writes on Dog resigning as All Black mascot.


One Response to Murray Ball 1939 – 12.3.2017

  1. Will says:

    Like many, I enjoyed Footrot Flats but, although I was born to the Kiwi farming way of life, I never remotely recognised the Wal Footrot/Fred Dagg caricatures they portrayed us with. Or the depictions of farming. Where on earth did it come from?

    Dave Henshaw’s ‘Jock’ on the other hand was all too familiar. And much funnier because of that.


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