Friday’s answers

Thank you J Bloggs who posed Thursday’s questions – and educated me in the process.

Should you have stumped us all you can claim a virtual chocolate cake by leaving the answers below.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Alas, no chocolate cake for me….

    1) Operation Chastise – The “Dambusters” attack

    2) Operation Jubilee – The raid on Dieppe

    3) Operation Seelowe – The German plan for the invasion of Britian

    4) Operation Wacht am Rhein – The German counter-offensive through the Ardennes, known to the west as the Battle of the Bulge

    5) Operation Market Garden – The plan to use airborne forces to establish a bridgehead over the Rhine in 1944. The most notorious part is the failed air assault on Arhem.

    6) Operation Jericho – The low level air attack on Amiens Prison carried out by Mosquitoes from 464 Sqn. RAAF and 487 Sqn. RNZAF.

    7) Operation AI – The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour

    8) Operation Koltso – The Soviet plan for the final encirclement and destruction of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad

    9) Operation Vengeance – The interception and destruction of the plane carrying Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

    10) Operation Magic Carpet – the demobilisation and repatriation of the US Military forces deployed overseas at the end of World War 2


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