Thursday’s quiz

You’re welcome to pose the questions.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual chocolate cake.

3 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. J Bloggs says:

    For which military operations in world war 2 were the following codenames used:

    1) Operation Chastise
    2) Operation Jubilee
    3) Operation Seelowe
    4) Operation Wacht am Rhein
    5) Operation Market Garden
    6) Operation Jericho
    7) Operation AI
    8) Operation Koltso
    9) Operation Vengeance
    10) Operation Magic Carpet


  2. Andrei says:

    (1) That was the famous Dam Busters raid


    (3) Seelowe means Sea Lion and was the planned invasion of Great Britain by Hitler

    (4) Means “Watch on the Rhine” and in English is knownas the Battle of the Bulge

    (5) Montgomery’s disastrous invasion of the Netherlands

    (6) Sounds like a massive bombing of something


    (8) Кольцо (Koltso) means ring in Russian and was the last phase of the Battle of Stalingrad when the Germans were surrounded



    Very good even though Unternehmen Zitadelle and Bagration are missing 🙂


  3. Teletext says:

    J Bloggs

    1. Dam busters raid
    2. Battle of Dieppe
    3. Germany’s Invasion of England
    4. Battle of the Bulge
    5. Battle of Arnhem & an unsuccessful battle in Netherlands and Germany
    6. A bombing raid on a prison in France holding resistance fighters
    7. The attack on Pearl Harbour
    8. The final part of the battle of Stalingrad
    9. An operation to kill the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto when he visited the Solomon Islands
    10. A post WWII operation to repatriate some 8 million US personnel back to the US


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