Super announcement 4pm

An email from Politik says Finance Minister Steven Joyce is expected to join Prime Minister Bill English at the post-cabinet media conference at 4pm to make an announcement on superannuation.

5 Responses to Super announcement 4pm

  1. Andrei says:

    Talk about kicking the ball into touch

    This will tickle the fancy of all right wing ideologues, the vast majority of whom will not be affected because the changes are so far in the future that their status remains unchanged, gives the appearance of doing something all the while actually evading the real issues of New Zealand’s changing demographics and working through real solutions

    Another kick in the guts for the young though


  2. paul scott says:

    Another complete wimp Nat PM.
    Gutless timid and meaningless.
    He won’t stay in the same ring as Winston Peters for one round .
    NZ First 19%. and NZ First policy on Immigration. Housing, and Regional Development. as well as the commencement of demolishing race based prvilege.
    You complete wet Bill English.
    Peters has no choice about Super.


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    Do you accept there is a problem that needs addressing, Paul?
    If so what is your solution?


  4. Andrei says:

    We all agree that there is a significant problem to be addressed Fred

    The median age of New Zealanders is approaching forty and this is rising

    Another reality to add to the mix is that people cannot work forever, they wear out and couple this with advances in medical science that can extend life at a financial cost it means that the number of people beyond working age is set to increase

    My focus is on the people I worked with in my youth, heavy physical work in heavy engineering whose ability to continue in their line of work is markedly declining in their fifties and in most cases does not extend beyond sixty and these people, I know several, either end up on sickness benefits or ACC if the can convince the ACC people their decline is work related

    Nobody is interested in taking on a 58 year old fitter and turner with a wrecked back and arthritis who can no longer function in his chosen trade after 40 years in that occupation

    And it is these matters we need to discuss, frankly and openly

    My cynicism about these matters and the Bill English and yesterday’s election year fluff announcement is that in his Karori bubble he does not encounter people like I have mentioned above who in theory could get a job cleaning tables at McDonalds but would never be taken on even if they applied


  5. Andrei says:

    The 5th National Government is sure looking tired

    First we had Bill English’s dreary Superannuation announcement which does nothing but make some fiddles that take effect 20 years hence without addressing the core issues

    And then tonight Paula Bennett going on about the “pay gender gap” revealing how superficial her comprehension of that tired old issue grievance really is

    National is looking more and more out of touch

    Bill English is National’s answer to Geoffrey Palmer


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