Can’t because everyone would order what wanted

We were away with friends for a wedding.

Breakfast on Friday was so good we returned to the same cafe for the same meal on Saturday – smashed avocado with poached egg and feta whip on rye toast.

On Sunday we were invited to the post-wedding brunch but decided a little something earlier was in order and went back to the cafe.

The others ordered scones. I wanted a vitamin fix and requested tomatoes and spinach that were on the menu as sides.

“They are sides,” the woman serving me said, “they come with meals.”

I told her I didn’t want a meal, I just wanted a vitamin fix.

She told me I couldn’t ‘t have sides unless I had a meal.

I breathed deeply, smiled and said, that was a bit strange.

“No,” she said. “If we did that everyone would order what they wanted.”


I am deliberately not naming the cafe or even the town where it’s located.

The food and service on Friday and Saturday couldn’t be faulted but social media being what it is, Sunday’s silliness would swamp that.



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