Friday’s answers

Andrei, Teletext and J Bloggs posed the questions for which they get my thanks.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual case of apricots by leaving the answers below.

3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Last Wednesday was (1) Ash Wednesday the first day of the Western (2) Lent

    (3) A Thurible, Θυμιατο, (Thymiato), Кадилница, (kadilnitsa) is the censer used in liturgical worship by the Christian Church, used universally in the East not so much these days in the West I think

    (4) Shrove Tuesday or colloquially pancake day and in French Mardi Gras which translates as Fat Tuesday

    (5) Carnival – the week before lent from Carne (meat) Vale (farewell), this being the last opportunity for people to let their hair down before entering the rigours of Lent and the Tuesday in particular a time to use up the things you will not be eating during lent, sugar, butter, eggs etc

    In the West Lent ends with Easter but in the East it ends on the Friday before Palm Sunday and thus starts on a Monday rather than Wednesday but Carnival is Maslenitsa and the equivalent of Shrove Tuesday is Forgiveness Sunday and blini or pancakes are a feature of that day


  2. J Bloggs says:

    Alas, no apricots for me…

    1. Marduk

    2. Heracles/Hercules

    3. Beowulf

    4. St George

    5. Sigurd (I’d have accepted Siegfreid from any Wagner fans out there)

    6. Bellerophon

    7. Hatupatu (I’ll forgive the spelling mistake, Teletext)

    8. Oedipus


  3. Teletext says:

    Who are the following better known as?

    1. Katherine Murry
    Katherine Mansfield (Murry) was her family name

    2. Theodor Geisel
    Dr Seuss

    3. Leslie King Jnr
    Gerald R Ford

    4. William J Blythe III
    William Jefferson Clinton

    5. Stefani Germanotta
    Lady Gaga


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