Friday’s answers

Andrei, J Bloggs and Teletext posed Thursday’s questions for which they get my thanks.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual case of peaches by leaving the answers below.


3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    My questions and answers

    (1) How old was Margaret Beaufort when she gave birth to her only child?

    She was 13 years old, the boy having been conceived when she was 12

    (2) Who was the father of this child?

    Edmund Tudor, son of Owen Tudor and Catherine de Valois, the dowager Queen of Henry V making him Henry VI’s half brother

    (3) What was Margaret Beaufort’s marital status at the time this child was born?

    She was a widow

    (4) How is this child known to history?

    Henry Tudor, Henry VII

    (5) Amanda Hale played Margaret Beaufort in a recent TV series and did a good job but what might be wrong with this casting? (Hint: modern sensitivities may have played a part in the casting of several of the female roles in this historical drama)

    This is the nub Amanda Hale portrayed Margaret Beaufort in a BBC bodice ripper called the White Queen

    This genre, which is written by women for a mainly female audience is noted for its seamy sex

    But with this real history a problem arises because three of the female protagonists were actually children for much of the story but the difficulty is averted by portraying them with women in their early thirties throughout

    In particular watching it I was struck by a trope common in the genre of a rough introduction to sex for a female protagonist, often by rape

    And so it was with this, the trope appeared with a frightened Anne Neville being raped on her wedding night by her Husband, Edward of Westminster, while his mother looked gleefully on

    The scene of course comes from the fevered imagination of a female middle aged author writing in the 21st century but in watching it I could not help but think that Anne Neville was in fact 14 years old when this wedding occurred – it is pushing things to play this out with an actress in early her thirties but how would it play with a child actress?

    There is much to ponder here – consider our abhorrence for domestic violence and that “50 shades of Grey” is a best seller, with a female author targeting a female audience

  2. Teletext says:

    I submitted my questions a little later than usual so that is why I probably had no attempts at answers. I got question #1 from another quiz earlier in the week and it stumped me and when I later researched it, I found question #2. Who new? I’ll still claim the peaches though Ele.

    Who are the following better known as?

    1. Leslie Lynch King Jnr
    Gerald Ford

    2. William Jefferson Blythe
    Bill Clinton

    3. Archibald Leach
    Cary Grant

    4. Roy Harold Scherer Jnr
    Rock Hudson

    5. Raymond C Robinson
    Ray Charles

  3. J Bloggs says:

    I may have stumped the individual, but the collective got all the answers between them….:)

    1) Lebanon (I think its cool that your birthday is a public holiday somewhere in the world…lol)

    2) Birthday

    3) Lucille Ball

    4) They were all born on February 9

    5) It was indeed my birthday (and following Lucille’s advice, I just turned 21….lol)

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